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Send Multiple iPhone Pics in One Digital Postcard with Photogram

Photogram is remixing the mobile-photos-meets-postcard genre of iPhone apps with an application for sending up to four photos, packaged together atop an artistic background, to friends via email, Facebook or Twitter.

The free photo application for iPhone, released Wednesday on the App Store, offers users a simple way to create and share bunches of photos in a digital postcard-like fashion.

Photogram [iTunes link], developed by startup Timelines, was created with simplicity, design and artistry in mind. Sending a Photogram is an easy matter of capturing or choosing four photos, picking a theme and then selecting recipients. You can also connect to Facebook and Twitter and post your Photograms to those sites.

“The iPhone has dramatically increased the number of everyday photographers documenting moments in their lives,” Timelines CEO Bob Armour says. “We saw a need for a simple app to share those photos, and we wanted to improve and enhance their delivery.”

Timelines has collaborated with independent artists to feature their artwork in its Theme Gallery. Themes are the photo backdrops you can choose from to add personality to your Photogram. You’ll have access to a number of free themes or you can choose to purchase additional themes at $0.99 a piece, with artists receiving a portion of sales. Purchased themes are included in your Theme Library and usable on all future Photograms.

Photogram stands out amid an ever-growing crop of iPhone camera and postcard applications for its ease of us and design.


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