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NASA Launches Endeavour & Social Media Initiative

On the same day NASA’s Endeavour Shuttle blasted off for the last time, the agency also launched a new way for us to find out about its many missions.

NASA’s new Slideshare Network, dubbed “The NASA Universe,” kicks off with a video that explains the history of the Endeavour Space Shuttle. Interviews with Endeavour’s crew, a timeline of shuttle launches and other interesting NASA documents are also available.

“Think of it as NASA curating some of the best content from,” explains Stephanie Schierholz, NASA’s social media manager.

Schierholz says that the channel is just one part of NASA’s expanding commitment to social media — which it has been ramping up during the past few years, as many of the journalists who traditionally covered the space (pun intended) have been laid off or given new assignments.

Since 2009, the agency has started more than 100 Twitter feeds, while maintaining multiple accounts on YouTube, Facebook and Flickr.

“Our strategy is to share what we’re doing as widely and broadly as possible,” Schierholz says.

Slideshare might not be the first platform that people think of when they think of social media reach, but the site does claim to have more than 50 million monthly unique visitors. Companies like IBM and Dell have also signed on to share their multi-format content on the site with the platform’s new branded network option.

Photo (Endeavour’s sixth launch on July 15, 2009) courtesy of Flickr, NASA

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